Private Pilot SEL Ground & SEL Flight

The Private Pilot SEL Ground and SEL Flight courses are the student pilot's first introduction to modern aviation. This is the first step to becoming a career pilot or a "Weekend Warrior."

Course Objective: The student will obtain the knowledge, skill, and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements for a private pilot certification with an airplane category rating and a single engine land class rating.

Ground School Training includes: Aerodynamics and the principles of flight; meteorology and weather services; airspace; air traffic control; radio communications; federal aviation regulations; aero medical factors; aeronautical charts and associated publications; aircraft performance and limitations; basic and radio navigation; night flying procedures; flight planning; flight maneuvers; and ground operations.

Flight Training Syllabus includes: Preflight procedures; airport operations, take offs and landings; performance maneuvers; ground reference maneuvers; navigation and cross-country operations; basic instrument maneuvers; stalls; emergency operations; night operations; and pre/post flight briefings.