Instrument Rating Initial Ground & Flight and Instrument Rating Add-on Ground & Flight

In addition to earning a Private Pilot License, the student may further his/her knowledge with an Instrument Rating.

Course Objective: The Instrument Rating Certification course is designed to prepare the student to operate safely in the Air Traffic Control System. The student will obtain all the knowledge, skill, and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements for an instrument rating (airplane).

An Instrument Rating Certification will enable use of IFR navigation and approaches by use of navigation systems; maintain flight by reference to instruments; understand and become proficient in the use of navigation systems; how to procure and use aviation weather reports and forecasts; maintain good crew resource management including communication and coordination.

Instrument Rating Add-On Certification course is for a pilot who is an Instrument Rated Pilot in an aircraft other than an airplane. For Example: Helicopter Instrument Rated Pilot. American Winds can assist you in obtaining an airplane Instrument Rating Add-On.

NOTE: In order to enroll in the flight portion of the Instrument Rating Course, you must hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate with an airplane category rating and a Single-Engine Land or Multi-Engine Land Rating.